Once you decide to sign up and get started, fill out the form below and Lisa will get started. She will email you with what she needs from your website and will send an invoice. Lisa works fast so expect fast results on getting your reports and blogs created. She also will continue to monitor during the month and might do an update here or there for better results. At the 30 day mark, she will send a report from the blogs. At that point, you can opt to buy another 10 set of blogs at a discounted price.

She offers 2 packages and an optional one time optimizing package. Considering that not all WordPress themes are the same, you might need some work to do to help your blogs look great when searched. If you’re handy to do that work, I can send you the list. If you need help, Howard our WordPress Technician can assist. If your WordPress site is not backed up or updated, this is required, so please do so before signing up, If you need help, Howard can do a one time for each in the optimizing package.

All packages include search for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Listed below are technician only pricing, these are also the pricing for resellers and referral partners. Resellers are free to charge their fees and referrals will earn $75 on the premium and $50 on the next level and $25 on the WordPress optimizing. This service does work with Tech Site Builder.

Want a deal on all 3? $650

Premium $450

  • Review of your website, blogs, services

  • Review of your Google Analytics

  • Search competition check

  • Keyword selection

  • Create a report for your review

  • Create and publish 10 blogs

  • Spot check statistics during the month

  • 30-days later, review of keywords and follow up plans


Next Level $175

  • New Set of 10 Keywords

  • 30-day Google Analytics Check

  • Report of analytics

  • Can only be purchased after Premium Package

WordPress Optimizing $75

  • One Time Backup

  • One Time Update for WP

  • Other fine tuning to have amazing pages

  • Setup Google Analytics, Bing and search tools

Want custom work done or a mashup of more towns? 

  • Contact to discuss prior to signing up. There are many creative ways to do many areas at one time

  • Email Lisa if you have any special requests